Pflum Graphics Group, Inc.

40 years providing Graphics Services

Pflum Graphics Group are specialists in direct marketing and printing, for 40 years providing our services to some of the biggest and most sophisticated buyers of graphics in the country. We are a manufacturer’s representative and project coordinator, specializing in direct mail and fulfillment.  To the creative specialist, agency or printing buyer, Pflum Graphics Group has a most useful library of creative formats, samples, and prototypes. Very often we have been considered the "consultant’s consultant". 

No matter what the volume, Pflum Graphics can produce your graphics package. With over 40 years in the industry, we have the experience necessary to meet your graphic arts needs. Some of the largest publishing houses, corporations and advertising agencies across the United States rely on us to design, manufacture, print and distribute their promotional materials. Through a network of over 50 graphic and distribution specialists nationwide, we coordinate projects efficiently through the entire print production process and into the mail.

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